Friday, June 15, 2012

kayak has been on the roof rack since last week when we went to Crooked Creek and water was so low we would have had to drag the yak most pf the time and fish little - so we did what any rational fly fishing junkie would do, we wet waded and took a chance with the snakes - luckily I only saw one and it was moving faster than I was.  this week we are going to the salt water heaven (red neck Riviera for the curious) and plan to paddle around on the surf and on a really nice tidal salt water lake.  Ladyfish are on the menu ad well as little jacks and maybe some reds or specks off the surf early in the day.
The black Jeep is now official, fly fishing bumper stickers have been smeared all over the back bumper, together with the obligatory LSU alumni sticker in the middle.  Welcome to the stable.

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